FITUS (CEO Stanly Song), announced that the company has signed an MOU with Korea Kickboxing Association (Chairman Jong Min Kim) to “Provide kickboxing contents and commercialization of kickboxing alley O2O” on June 23rd, 2021.

Through the MOU at this time, the Korea Kickboxing Association have become able to provide contactless kickboxing contents that utilize human movement analysis function, to the members of the association who experienced hardships of using kickboxing alleys due to COVID19, connecting kickboxing learners with facilities and trainers they need, through combined on and offline management application FITUS, gaining supportive solution to operating kickboxing alleys and recruiting new members.

Jong Min Kim, the chairman of Korea Kickboxing Association stated, “We now are able to provide quality contents to kickboxing lovers who weren’t able to properly exercise due to COIVD19, which includes providing a solution to those members of the association who operate kickboxing alleys to overcome simply managing the kickboxing members to connecting them with trainers, expecting, on and offline combined member management solution will contribute greatly to the activeness of kickboxing as a sport.”

Stanley Song, CEO of FITUS stated that “Through the signing of MOU with Korea Kickboxing Association, beginning with providing human movement analysis technology applied contactless kickboxing contents, FITUS will contribute to the activeness of kickboxing as a sport by continuously providing quality contents and system support to the kickboxing community.”

Within this year, FITUS plans to provide various kickboxing content such as kickboxing diet and more through contactless home-training service 300FIT meta, through Samsung Health Mobile, and Samsung Smart TV.

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