Terms of Service
(300FIT meta)

Chapter 1 : General Provisions

Article 1. Purpose and application

(1) These Terms and Conditions are intended to define other necessary matters, such as terms of use, procedures, etc. related to the use of 300FIT meta Service(Hereinafter referred to as “Service”) provided by FITUS Co.,Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as “company”

(2) Matters not set in these Terms shall apply to the Telecommunications Business Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection, the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce, the Content Industry Promotion Act, the Content User Protection Guidelines, and other related laws.

Article 2. Definition of Terms

The definitions of terms used in these terms are as follows.

(1) The 300FIT meta service (hereinafter referred to as “service”) refers to a service that allows users to use contents and 300FIT Commerce provided by the company through devices such as smart phones and pads, etc.

(2) Application is software that must be installed on devices such as smartphones and pads, etc. in order to use the service. And this is what the company provides.

(3) ‘Users’ refers to members and non-members who installed ‘Application’

(4) ‘Member’ refers to all customers who use the service that has signed the service agreement and received the ID through the process requested by the company.

(5) ‘ID’ refers to the member’s email, kakao, google mail, facebook account, etc., which the member has listed when registering for the purpose of identifying and using the service.

(6) ‘PASSWORD’ refers to a combination of letters and numbers that ‘member’ decides for the purpose of verifying that ‘member’ matches the ‘ID’ given to the member and protecting secret.

(7) ‘Content’ refers to information such as images, texts, sounds, videos etc. (including their complexes) provided by the Company through the Service, and means that they are produced or processed in electronic form and transmitted to VOD, etc.

(8) ‘Product’ refers to a paid content product composed of VOD, etc. as a basic service for service contract and use.

(9) ‘In-App Purchase’ refers to payment activity made to purchase content in an app provided by a company.

(10) ‘Post’ means all information such as texts, sounds, images (including photos), videos, likes, wishes, comments, and various files posted by the Company or its members for the purpose of disclosure to the public.

(11) ‘FIT’ refers to cryptocurrency issued by 300FIT. The token is named 300FIT. Your FIT can be converted to FITpay to use the 300FIT service.

(12) ‘FITpay’ is a reward point for 300FIT meta customers. Members can use ‘FITpay’ for Services such as exercise content purchase, product purchase, and participation in events, etc. and convert FITpay to FIT which is 300FIT tokens.

Article 3. Posting and Amendment of Terms

(1) The Company posts the contents of these Terms on the application sign-up screen and option menu so that members can easily understand.

(2) The Company can amend these Terms to the extent that do not violate the laws on regulation of the Terms, the Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Act on the Promotion of Information Communication Network Utilization, Act on Content Industry Promotion, etc.

(3) If the company changes the terms, the date of application and the reason for the change shall be announced on the service initial screen at least 10 days before from application(30 days for changes that are disadvantageous to users or significant) and notify for 10 days after the application date

(4) While the Company notifies the revised terms in accordance with paragraph 3 of the Article, and expressly indicates that the member does not expressly express his intention to refuse within the notice period, the member expressly agrees to the amended terms, but the member expressly refuses to If the member does not express his / her intention, the member agrees to the revised agreement.

(5) If a member does not agree to the application of the amended terms in accordance with paragraph 4 of his article, the member can terminate the service use contract.

Chapter 2. Join Membership

Article 4. Sign Up

(1) The service registration is concluded when the user installs the application, agrees to the contents of these terms, applies for membership, and the company accepts the application.

(2) When signing up for service, the following must be stated

  1. a) Member’s username(nickname), date of birth, gender, height, weight
    b) Member ID(email address) and password
    c) Other matters recognized as necessary by the company
  2. d) If you sign up for membership through SNS (Kakao Talk, Facebook) and Google Email membership, you can omit the above ① to ③

(3) The company will accept the membership to the user’s application that accurately describes the contents of paragraph 2 of this Article. But, If you have any of the following reasons, we may suspend or deny your application.

  1. a) Impersonate another person or provide false information
    b) If the applicant has previously lost qualification of the membership in accordance with this agreement
    c) When facilities are not available or technical service is difficult to supply.
    d) When approval is not possible due to user’s reason for fault or If user have violated other matters.

(4) If the company withholds or refuses to accept the application for service use, the company must inform the applicant about reason for reservation or refusal to approve, required additional information for acceptance.

(5) Membership is established when the consent of the company reaches the user.

(6) If your ID or nickname contains profanity, antisocial and sexual elements, or cause confusion as if you were an official operator of the company, the company can change the member’s ID, nickname, etc. unilaterally, and the member cannot dispute the company’s judgment related to the above.

Article 5. Change and Withdrawal of Member Information

(1) Members can view and modify their personal information through the account management screen in the My Info and Options menus.

(2) If matters you provided when you applied for membership is changed, you can edit this through the Account Management screen in the My Info and Options menus. For any other unavoidable information, you must request a change through the 300FIT Customer Center.

(3) The Company takes no responsibility for any disadvantages caused the user doesn’t notify the company of the changes in paragraph 2 of this Article.

Chapter 3. Service Use Agreement

Article 6. Application for use

(1) The user applies for use according to the following procedure provided by the company. The company provides information so that users can accurately understand and deal with each other before making a contract.

  1. Browse and select the contents list or select the ‘service’ product
  2. Product payment method according to the criteria of the Google Store payment service or App Store payment service
  3. Confirmation of the contents of the agreement and the content that cannot be withdrawn.
  4. Confirmation of payment method information

Article 7. Use of service

(1) The company considers the user to use the service when registering as a member and immediately starts the service. However, paid content can be used after payment is completed by the means designated by the company.

(2) The types and details of services provided by the company are as shown in [Appendix 1].

(3) The company may charge, suspend, or change some or all of the services provided free of charge according to the company’s policy and operation needs. This shall not be compensated to the users unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws.

Article 8. Provision of Information and posting of Ads

(1) The company can provide the user with various information deemed necessary during the use of the service, such as notice or e-mail. Users who receive e-mails, etc. with advertisements can opt out to the company at any time.

(2) The company may place advertisements (Including personalized ads with user information) on the service screen and homepage in connection with the operation of the service.

Article 9. Company duty

(1) The company provides its members with the goods and services listed in [Appendix 1]

(2) The company will take measures to allow users to check the content usage and charges.

(3) The company shall not disclose or distribute the member’s information to others without prior consent and shall not use the member’s information for any purpose other than the purpose of obtaining prior consent from the member or in the Terms. However, this is not the case when it is requested authorities for investigation or trial purposes according to related laws.

Article 10. Your Obligations

(1) The user must abide by the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and related laws. In addition, the following acts shall not be performed, and if the user’s acts fall under any of the following, the Company may restrict the use of some or all of the Services.

  1. a) If the user violates the copyrights of the contents such as downloading, storing, unauthorized copying and distribution, etc. without the permission of the company.
    b) When a user violates related laws such as laws on the promotion of information and communication network use, information protection, etc. or damages the reputation of others.
    c) If you sign up in the name of another person or use the contract information incorrectly.
    d) Use of the contents provided by the company within the scope of private use such as demonstrating, giving lectures, performing in public places.
    e) In case of posting posts infringement on the copyrights of others
    f) If you have violated these terms and conditions
    g) Other illegal acts

(2) All content provided through the service is protected by copyright law, and if users download, store, copy and distribute it arbitrarily, they may be punished by relevant laws.

Article 11. Function of motion recognition, member’s confirmation, and notification obligation

  • Motion recognition function refers to the function of recognizing a member’s movement using a camera built into a smartphone.
  • Depending on the member’s body type, clothing, background during exercise, mobile phone model, etc., motion recognition may vary, and in some cases, motion recognition may not be possible. The member shall use the relevant function after being familiar with the “Precautions for Use of Operation Recognition Service” in advance, and the company shall not be responsible for damages caused by the member due to his/her lack of knowledge of the relevant contents.
  • Before using the service, the member must check the operation of the operation recognition function in advance, and notify 300FIT meta of such situation within 3 working days when he/she finds a functional error. The company shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the failure of the member to take such measures.
  • If a member notifies the company of an error within three working days when he/she detects a malfunction in operation recognition, the company can refund all or part of the paid service payment to the member after checking for malfunction. However, the company shall not be responsible for damages, etc. caused during the members’ free service use.

Article 12. Precautions for Service Use

(1) The exercise video contents and motion recognition services provided by the company are just guides for exercise, and there may be differences in the exact exercise methods that fit each member. The member shall use the service under his/her own responsibility and care, and the company shall not be responsible for accidents, damages, etc. caused by violation of his/her duty in the process of using the service.

(2) Saving your workout video after each video exercise is an option of the member, and the saved video is basically posted in the service. If you do not want to post it and only want to save it, click the lock icon at the bottom right of the screen so that only the member can see the video.

Article 13. Provision, change and suspension of service

(1) In principle, the service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(2) Due to the company’s business and technical reasons, the service may be suspended. In this case, the company shall notify it in advance, but if it is difficult to do so, it should be announced afterwards.

(3) The company may conduct regular inspections when necessary to provide service, and may temporarily suspend the provision of services during regular inspection time will be announced on the service provision screen.

(4) The company may change all or part of the Services it provides, depending on operational and technical needs if there is a good reason. In this case, the company will notify the members 10 days before the change date and the contents of the service to be changed.

  1. a) When providing additional new services.
    b) If the content can no longer be provided due to the change of the contract between the company and the content provision provider (however, the payer is provided until the service deadline)

Chapter 4. Billing and payment of Content Payment

Article 14. Types and means of payment

(1) Types of fees, etc. that members are required to pay for service use are as shown in [Appendix 1].

(2) Payment is subject to the in-app billing polices of the Google Paly Store and Apple App Store.

Article 15. FITpay Payments and Conversions

(1) Members can earn FITpay if they meet certain conditions by completing various missions according to the policies set by the company within the 300FIT app. FITpay expires automatically five years after the payment date.

(2) The member can convert the accumulated FITpay to FIT according to the procedure set by the company. The Company considers the conversion to be legally completed by converting the FITpay that the member applied for conversion to FIT. Due to the company’s circumstances, the conversion criteria and conversion ratio may change.

(3) The Company may collect a certain fee from applicant for conversion in order to operate the conversion service smoothly, and the conditions of imposition, the subject of the charge, and the amount charged will be determined according to the company’s policy for each service

(4) If there is an error in obtaining the FITpay, the member can request the company to correct it within 14 days from the date of the error. If the company is found to be a valid request, the company must correct it within 7 days of the request for correction. The company shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the member’s failure to request a correction within the period even if the member finds an error in the cash payment.

(5) If a member is found to have received FITpay or FIT in an illegal method, the Company may delete all FITpay or FIT held by the member without prior notice.

(6) Types of fees, etc. that members required to pay for service use are as shown in [Appendix 1].

(7) FITpay is not a good and may not be sold, transferred or donated to third parties. In addition, FITpay will not be converted, refunded and returned in cash.

Article 16. Use of 300FIT Commerce

(1) Members can purchase products posted in 300FIT Commerce using FITpay received from the company.

(2) The specific procedures for using the 300FIT Commerce are as follows. The member selects a product that can be picked up by member’s own FIT pay from the 300FIT meta market and asks the company to confirm whether the product is in stock or not (hereinafter referred to as “offer application”). Member’s points will be deducted as much as the value of the product posted in the 300FIT Commerce.

(3) Inventory of items posted in the 300FIT Commerce may change. Accordingly, even if you apply for a specific product, you may not be able to receive it.

(4) If the company can send out the products requested by the member, the member is notified that the products can be shipped. At this time, 300FIT Commerce use contract is concluded between company and member.

(5) If inventory is found to be undeliverable, the Company will notify the user immediately and refund FITpay deducted

Article17. Payment cancellation of paid service (withdrawal of subscription)

(1) Members who use the paid service can request the company to cancel the payment (withdraw the subscription) within 7 days of the payment date only if the paid service is not used at all.

(2) The member who uses the paid service can apply for withdrawal after the period (within 7 days from the payment date) of the paid service which can withdraw the subscription of the paid service, or the consumer protection law in the electronic commerce, contents industry promotion law, Withdrawal of the subscription is restricted for the content that is the reason for the subscription withdrawal restrictions set forth in other relevant laws such as the Content User Protection Guidelines

(3) If the company has a refund amount after confirming the subscription withdrawal and cancellation / cancellation application, In principle, within three business days of receipt of the member’s declaration of intention, The company shall request the operator of each payment method to suspend or cancel the charge And Company will refund the same payment method the member paid.

(4) The Company may refund the amount by subtracting the secondary expense and fees paid by the Company in accordance with the Content User Protection Guidelines.

(5) The Company shall not be responsible for refunds for services for which the Member does not pay the fee, such as receiving a paid service or use pass or obtaining it for free through promotions.

Chapter 5. Termination of Contract

Article 18. Termination of the Contract

(1) The member can terminate the service use contract at any time after joining the service, and the company should promptly handle the request of the member to terminate the use contract

(2) If the member wants to terminate the service use contract, he must apply for membership withdrawal through the application

(3) The Company may limit or suspend the Member’s eligibility or terminate the Service Use Agreement if the Member does not fulfill the obligations under these Terms or the following.

  1. a) When someone uses the name of another person or registers false information when applying for use
    b) When someone causes serious obstacles to the company’s system or interferes with its operation
    c) Infringes the copyrights of others, uses this service for commercial purposes other than private use, or provides it to third parties arbitrarily.
    d) In case of violation of other related laws

Article 19. Termination of Service and Restrictions of Use

(1) If the company occurs for one of the following reason, the service can be terminated, and when the service ends, the reason for termination and the date of termination must be notified to the user through the application screen 60days before.

  1. a) When it is very difficult to provide services due to changes in business environment or technological development
    b) When services cannot be provided continuously due to enactment / change of related laws, administrative disposition of an administrative agency or judgment of court
    c) When it is very difficult to provide services for wartime, natural disasters or other force majeure reasons

(2) Some or all of the use of the service may be restricted in case of national emergency, regulation of law or order of administrative agency.

(3) According to paragraph 2 of the Article, If the use of the service is restricted, the Company shall notify the Member of the reason about date and time through the website before or after.

(4) If a member violates the regulations set by the company, such as these terms, instructions, user guide, the company may restrict the member’s use of this service by warnings, service restrictions, suspension of use, permanent suspension (Refuse to approve future application)

(5) Posts are not deleted when the member terminates the contract, so the post must be deleted before the contract is terminated. If you want to delete the post after you terminate the contract, you must request the company to delete the post individually.

Chapter 6. Miscellaneous

Article 20. Member information protection

  • Regarding the protection and handling of members’ personal information, we will follow the privacy policy posted on the 300fitmeta.com Internet homepage

Article 21. Compensation for damages and Indemnity

(1) The Company shall handle matters concerning the standards, scope, methods and procedures of compensation for damages caused by content defects, etc. in accordance with the Content User Protection Guidelines

(2) Despite the provisions of paragraph 1 of sympathy, the Company shall be exempt from liability for damages if one of the following applies.

  1. a) In case of war, natural disaster, change of laws or other similar force major reasons
    b) When the service was not found at the level of science and technology at the time of providing the service, or the service was not used due to a service failure even though the standards prescribed by the law were observed.
    c) If the service is not available due to the user’s fault
    d) When the company notifies the user in advance for efficient service provision

(3) The Company shall be exempt from responsibility for damages arising from the user’s failure to obtain the expected benefits from the provision of the service or from the selection or use of the service materials.

(4) The Company shall be exempted from responsibility when trading goods, etc. through the service between users or between users and third parties.

Article 22. Responsible for the post

(1) The Company may suspend postings, etc. without prior notice if it is determined that the postings within the Service posted by the Member fall under any of the following subparagraphs, and the Company shall not be held liable for them.

  1. a) Content that slanders or damages the Company, other members or third parties
    b) In case of postings that violate public order and morals
    c) If the content is deemed to be related to criminal activity
    d) In case of infringement of the rights of others, such as the copyright of the company or the copyrights of third parties
    e) If the content is not related to the service provided by the company or interferes with the use of the service by others
    f) Posting unnecessary or disapproved advertisements and promotions
    g) Contents created by unauthorized use of another person’s ID or name, or when the information entered by another person is forged or tampered with.
    h) If the purpose of posting is inconsistent, such as posting multiple copies of the same content
    i) If it is judged to be in violation of other related laws and company’s individual service usage guidelines

Article 23. Intellectual Property Right

(1) The copyright of the “content” belongs to company. Even if a member pays for the use of the service, this does not mean a transfer of copyright, and only grants the right to watch the “content” within the period.

(2) “Company” does not allow copyright infringement or intellectual property infringement through “Service” and posting, If the Company is properly informed or aware that “Content” and postings infringe the intellectual property rights of others, the company may suspend or remove the “Content” and all services in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Copyright Act and other related laws. The Company also reserves the right to delete, move or refuse registration without prior notice if the Member’s posts are deemed to have problems with the operation of the Service.

Article 24. Jurisdiction Court and Governing Law

(1) If there is a dispute between the company and the use of the service, we will smoothly resolve it through consultation

(2) If the matter is not settled in the preceding paragraph, the jurisdiction of the lawsuit shall be the Seoul Central District Court.

(3) The interpretation and application of these Terms are based on the laws of the Republic of Korea.


(Effective Date) These Terms and Conditions apply from August 00, 2021.

[Appendix 1]

  1. Product composition

– Basic product : Exercise program package that can use content as VOD streaming for 6 days

– 300FIT Commerce : E-commerce mall where members can purchase goods through FITpay, a reward within the 300FIT meta app.

  • Free coupon : A free trial ticket that allows you to use the Exercise Program Content VOD streaming service for promotional purposes.

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