You can take part in the 300FIT challenge

to get rewarded workout gear, yoga clothes, NFTs and more!

300FIT has workout programs created by top fitness experts.

Each program is structured to practice six-step movement movements and challenge you to a final challenge program. When you complete each challenge, you can receive various rewards such as domestic and foreign sports & fitness products, sports NFTs, etc. according to the points you have earned.

When you dream of a change in your ordinary daily life

Your daily life and health are divided before and after knowing the 300FIT meta.
An application that allows you to exercise easily and fun with step-by-step exercise content.
An exercise service app that allows you to learn exercise in a fun way with content created by exercise experts and to inform yourself through challenges.

Change Your Life

Get Connected with
Sports & Fitness Expert

Exercise anytime, anywhere with the app with sports and fitness experts. We provide realistic training services such as exercise posture correction and counting through artificial intelligence coaching.

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300FIT meta Experts


Let’s make a balanced body line together!

Chung Hanna 

2 wins at the 2020 Musclemania Pro Grand Prix

Find your confidence with a voluminous body!

Kim Eunji 

2 wins at the 2020 Musclemania Championship

Have fun exercising with fitness dance!

Kim Jayeon 

2 wins at the 2020 Musclemania Pro Grand Prix

Build a resilient body with strength training and core training!

Bae Izi 

First Asian Model Grand Prix


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300FIT meta